MediaSolution by FinnAV Oy is an AudioVisual, Digital Signage and modern Presentation technology importer and distributor. Mediasolution first established in 1993. However, our experience of the AV-sector extends many years before that. We are located in Helsinki, Finland.

Our main customers are the local integrator and retail companies in the field of modern digital communication, web-conferencing,  education and digital signage. We are also a trusted and well known technology supplier and have good co-operation with the communal and state authorities as well as the Finnish Defence Force in its diverse needs of modern communication and presentation technology.

Our website is mainly in the Finnish language since it is targeted exclusively to our local customers. However, feel free to contact us in English through the following link: info (at) mediasolution.fi

The Internet domain name mediasolution.fi, is owned by FinnAV Oy (Ltd.). MediaSolution is our official registered brand name under which all our activities and marketing happen.

Primary contact by e-mail: info (at) mediasolution.fi

Primary contact by telephone: +358 9 879 5639

Videoconference: H.323 / SIP / Skype / Teams, Zoom … (on request only)